Sunday, 24 January 2016

SSIS - Configuring Integration Service Catalog

Integration service catalog is the new feature of SQL Server started from SQL Server 2012. It is the easy way to deploy the Project. This article is dedicated to the SSIS Developer of 2008 who are now working on SSIS 2012 or 2014. Hope it will be interesting.

How we DO That

Step – 1 [ We have a Package with Project Level Parameters ]

The Project level parameters are described bellow

Data Type

Step – 2 [ Use of Project Level Parameters in the Package ]

We used the project level parameters in the Connection String Property of box Flat File Connection manager and OLEDB Destination Connection Manager.

Step – 3 [ Configuring the Integration Service Catalog ]

Integration Service Catalog à Right Click à Create Catalog …

Step – 4 [ Now Deploy the SSIS Project ]

First compile the Project and the deploy it.
Right Click the Project Solution  à Deploy

Here we choose the SQL Server name and Integration Service Catalog Path with Sub Folder.

Step – 5 [ Configuring the Environments ]

Now we have to understand the Environment

It is telling us where we want to run the SSIS package. For example the Development, QA or Production Environment.
Our package have some package level variable and the value of those variable is different depends on the environment.

Step – 6 [ Configure the Project with Specified Environment that we Configure ]

Project à Right Click à Configure

Hope you like it.

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